In addition to the aforementioned, the Trinity Foundation Programme also endeavors to give back to the local community in any way it can and to promote improved understanding, cooperation and cohesion between the Japanese that we have helped to bring to this country and our UK hosts.

Recently, the Trinity Foundation Programme has begun offering TLC to non-native English residents of Gwynedd county and surrounding areas in the form of English as a second language tuition through our Trinity Language Course.  Several nationalities are represented and the overall response has been positive.  Coach trips to local points of interest have also been included.  Students interested in attending TLC should phone the Trinity Foundation Programme for more information.  Trinity also designs research retreats, specialized study courses, and intensive modules for those looking to improve their scores on TOEIC and similar standardized tests.  Interested parties are advised to call Trinity or phone IFU or Diplomatt in Japan (see links on right, or below for mobile devices).

The Trinity Foundation Programme also sponsored a number of events in the wake of the Sendai/Fukushima earthquake/tsunami/nuclear incidents in March. To provide activities for local Japanese to get involved in during their time of crisis and worry, to help educate the community about these incidents, and to send positive messages across the globe to those confronting these disasters, the Trinity Foundation Programme held its first event eight days after the tsunami, on March 19, at St. Johns Methodist Church in Lower Bangor. It also assisted Bangor University Japanese students in producing a similar event on March 26 and sponsored a number of presentations and fundraisers in the meantime. In all, over 10,000 were collected which was forwarded in its entirely to the Japanese Red Cross.

The Trinity Foundation Programme interfaces on an ongoing basis with the Japanese Consulate, our regional MP, Bangor tourist interests, the Japanese Society at Bangor University, local businesses and families, and the Bangor press to promote cooperative and cultural understanding.