Main Activities

The Trinity Foundation Programme is located at 51-52 High Street in Bangor, Gwynedd, U.K.

We are a non-profit institution that prepares promising Japanese young people for university study in an English-speaking environment. We train students mostly in English and core subjects related to their individual courses. We also assist them in the application process, in discovering and applying for scholarships, and in skills required for daily living. We also offer our students continuing support throughout their university careers. Those who proceed to Bangor University to do their degrees (a beautiful campus and less than 15 minutes’ walk from the Trinity school) will often continue to drop by with various concerns throughout their academic careers.

Meanwhile, in addition to preparing students for admission into Bangor University, the Trinity Foundation Programme also has relationships with a number of other English-speaking campuses and has helped numerous students win admission to Trinity College in Ireland, St. Andrews University in Scotland, Greenville College in the US, Cardiff University in South Wales, as well as many other prestigious institutions.

Every single Japanese student that we have trained in our thirteen years of operation has gone on to win admission into a university degree course. No student trained at the Trinity Foundation Programme has ever dropped out or gone missing. We believe that these facts speak to the quality of instruction that our programme provides. External examiners who have come to North Wales to inspect our programme have also been consistently impressed with our high academic standards and level of instruction.

The Trinity Foundation Programme is funded through donations from entities in Japan. We do not solicit nor accept funding or payment from persons or institutions here in the UK.