Eriko Nishie

Trinity College, Dublin

Human Genetic Engineering

At first, because my parents strongly disagreed about my coming to study in the U.K., my will, which I would make every possible effort for the first year, was considerably firm, I think. However, it was a good opportunity to reconsider my plans during the intensive one year at TFP. It was not easy to work consistently toward my goal. At the completion of the course, I could obtain the confidence that I had achieved one of my lifelong ambitions and I could learn how difficult it was to accomplish the original plan. After having entered the university, I want to grow up while keeping my original plan, as my lifelong aim, and to enjoy my life.

Takeaki Kojima

Bangor Univerisity

Sport Science

I was not good at English but I thought I could manage it somehow, once I came to the U.K. However, the reality was quite tough. I faced several difficulties and I had a considerably hard time. Although I lost my confidence completely at the difficult situation. I did make an effort without giving it up. I deeply thank teachers and staff members who gave me such a wonderful opportunity.

Miss. Ayano Mochizuki 

University College, Falmouth

Art Design

By living abroad for one year, I could think about Japan from new and different angles and find many good points. Furthermore, I could figure out some bad points about the U.K., which I would not understand if I lived in Japan. These experiences were very impressive for me. I learn from this opportunity and want to make myself useful for meeting with people.

Shiho Fukui

St. Andrews Univerisity


I remember I was very happy when I got a position to study at Trinity. However, once I started living here, I faced many difficulties, more than I expected before. For this one year, I was really able to learn many things; not only study aspects, of course, but also I keenly realised how important to be supported by people, through my friends and host family. I would like to make use of what I have learned here and contribute to the future.