Riding the Bus

※  バスの乗り方
日本ではバス停で待っていれば必ずバスは止まってくれますが、英国のバスはそうではありません。バスの前に表示されている番号を確認して、乗りたいバスが 来た時、腕を横に伸ばし、さらにその手を振るなどして運転手に乗車の意志を示さねばなりません。バス停の椅子などに腰掛けて待っていると置いていかれるこ ともありますので気をつけてください。


●Single Ticket ・・・ 片道チケット

●Return Tiket ・・・ 往復チケット (片道、往復のチケット代は殆ど変りません。)


バスの車内では次のバス停などの車内アナウンスは一切ありません。自分の降りるバス停の少し手前でボタンを押して(これは日本と同じです)運転手に 合図しましょう。こちらでは降りるときにはお礼を言って降りることは常識となっています。降りるときには他の乗客にならって Thank You. など、お礼を言って降りましょう。

※ 度量衡の単位について












※How to Ride the Bus

In Japan, buses will definitely stop if you wait at the bus stop, but not British buses. You need to check the number which is displayed at the front of the bus, and when the bus you want to get on comes, you have to stretch your arm out sideways and wave etc. to show the bus driver you want to get on.Be careful as buses can leave you if you wait sitting at the chair of the bus stop.

Also, British buses are often late. Take action with plenty of time.

The types of Bus Tickets

●Single Ticket … A one way ticket

●Return Ticket … A round trip ticket (The prices of the single and return ticket are about the same.

●7 days Ticket … A ticket that you can use for a week.

When you get on, you tell the bus driver where you are going and buy a ticket. If you do not know how to say the name of the place, you can always have a map with you and show the bus driver the map.  Or have the name written down

In the bus, there are no bus announcements about the next bus stop etc. Push the button a little before the bus stop you would like to get off at (this is the same as in Japan) and give a signal to the bus driver. Over here, it is common knowledge to thank them when getting off. Say “Thank you” like the other passengers when getting off.
※The Units of Weights and Measures

In Britain, imperial units are used, as well as metric units.  N.B. Legally we have to use metric in business.

1 yard=0.9144 metres

1 yard= 3 feet= 36 inches

1 mile= 1,609 metres

1 mile= 1,760 yards

1 pound= 0.4536 kilograms

1 pound= 16 ounces (100 grams= 3.5 ounces)

1 gallon≒ 4.546 litres

1 stone= 14 pounds≒6.35 kilograms

100 degrees Fahrenheit= 38 degrees Centigrade